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New Podcast Episode - Steve Ward and Andy Mercer


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I'm very pleased to announce the newest episode of the Just Another Tin Foil Hat podcast on the Paranormal UK Radio Network! Here's the link:

In this episode, I'm talking again with Steve Ward, a paranormal researcher with a special interest in accounts of high strangeness, and also visiting with Andy Mercer, a psychotherapist, writer, and researcher of the esoteric and the paranormal. Tune in for an intriguing discussion!


Also, due to the holidays I haven't released any YouTube episodes for quite some time. I'll be back next Wednesday with a topic of serious interest to me - the Airship Flap of 1896-97. I won't say too much about it here, but what I will say is that this flap marks a very intriguing point in UFO history - what I believe could be considered the turning point in humanity's large-scale perception of unidentified aerial phenomena.


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