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New Podcast Episode - My Paranormal Library with Steve Ward

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Today I am pleased to announce my first podcast episode in this new format - My Paranormal Library with High Strangeness researcher, fellow parishioner at the Church of John Keel, and a very good friend of mine, Steve Ward!

Here is the episode link:

Here is the complete and alphabetized list of paranormal authors referenced across both episodes -

Timothy Green Beckley, Mike Clelland, Joshua Cutchin, Paul Eno, Linda Godfrey, Stan Gordon, Patrick Harpur, F. W. Holiday, J. Allen Hynek, Ahmad Jamaludin, John Keel, Adam Kisby, Grover Krantz, Chad Lewis, Peter A. McCue, Kevin Lee Nelson, Mark Norman, Peter Paget, David Paulides, Randall Jones Pugh, Jenny Randles, Albert Rosales, Ivan T. Sanderson, Brad Steiger, Jacques Vallee, Noah Voss, David Webb, Colin Wilson

A word about my new release schedule - podcast episodes will be released in two parts every two weeks. Want part 2 right away? Consider joining my Patreon, for immediate access to all podcast second-parters as well as other exclusive content.

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