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Book Review - Mind Monsters by Jenny Randles


Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Today, I’ll be reviewing the fantastic book, Mind Monsters: Invaders from Inner Space? by Jenny Randles.

One of my current favorite cryptozoology books, the most staggering aspect of Mind Monsters is simply the bizarre and fantastic scope of the accounts contained. Organized by type of monster – Myth, Water, Earth, Sky, and Ether – this book has an introduction titled like no other: The Case of the Ninja Dwarves. This perfectly sets the tone for this fantastic tome, in which Randles discusses the concept that there is an intrinsic connection between the human mind and the paranormal.

The other amazing facet of this work is the the majority of cases discussed have some major element of High Strangeness. Randles’ tone is witty and logical, handling cases of the Highly Strange with both gravity and humor, a mixture that is incredibly difficult to pin down. I truly can’t convey the sheer scope of cases here – each chapter is packed with accounts, many of which are relatively unknown, and punctuated here and there with photographs and drawings.

Also, given Randles’ background in UFOlogy, she does not shy away from discussing the parallel nature of UFO occupants, specters, and mysterious creatures. From such infamous entities as Nessie and Bigfoot to the tabloid-ready case of the Dynasty spacemen, Mind Monsters is truly a reminder that while the truth may be out there, the likelihood is that it may also be buried deep within the human psyche.

Sadly enough, it appears as though Mind Monsters is out of print, however several decently priced copies can be found on Amazon, Biblio, and Ebay.

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