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My name is Zelia Edgar, thanks for visiting.

A lifelong Wisconsin resident, I was born in Green Bay, the state’s first city.  My family is from Southwestern Wisconsin, and the folklore of that region was a strong influence on my upbringing.  I was brought up with a deep regard for the history and mythology, not only of Wisconsin, but the world over.

Starting with an interest in flesh and blood cryptozoology, my research moved through spectrology and UFOlogy into its current scope.  Every aspect of the paranormal is equally intriguing to me, and cases that transcend the boundaries of seemingly separate types of phenomena are of special interest.  Seeking out the patterns that underlie these many manifestations in an attempt to pin down some unifying quality is my goal as a paranormal researcher, and my YouTube channel, JustAnotherTinFoilHat, is an expression of this goal.

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